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Orange Blocks are new in Picross 3D 2. When there are no numbers left on both it's rows and it's column, it will shapeshift into a shape that's not a block! This shape will always be in the area of the block, otherwise it will require multiple blocks painted to reveal the full shape. In the main game, these shapes will be very basic like circles, different triangles, slanted squares and such. But for the special Amiibo puzzles, they can get REALLY complex! Take a look at the Zelda puzzle: Zelda riding on Epona. Pretty much full quality, like what you would see on a Wii U LoZ game! Don't worry, the puzzles don't have millions of blocks corresponding to each pixel. (If so, DX)These orange blocks get a whole new paintbrush (v, B) and a whole new marker (<, A)! Due to this, all blocks (including the blue blocks) must be painted before the puzzle can be declared "complete". This makes only a few puzzles with sliders actually possible without using the sliders! Blue blocks correspond to the normal blue numbers, while orange blocks correspond to orange numbers. The circe and square stay the same for orange numbers, but orange AND blue numbers can appear on the same blocks!